What Costs Are Involved in a Fleet Tracking System?

There is no doubt about the importance of installing fleet tracking systems for any company within logistics. Operating a fleet is made so much easier with this kind of technology and there are so many clear advantages which fleet tracking systems can provide. Companies can count on cost savings; better vehicle management; improved staff management and offer a better service to its clients thanks to this simple yet highly effective software. Another one of the great benefits of such technology is that it comes at a very low price, and these are the only costs which the company will incur.

Let’s take a look at what exactly will cost the money, and then some average fleet tracking costs per month, per vehicle.

Tracking Devices

The first cost for the company will be the tracking devices themselves. Whilst there is a variety of providers and manufacturers, in the main all of these devices provide a very similar function. The key differences between the price will be things like build quality and durability. Naturally the more vehicles which you have, the more devices you will need. It is always best to put one track on each vehicle rather than sharing them.

Software To Process Data

All of the data which the tracking sends back to the company will have to be processed and broken down so that it can be understood. In order for this to happen you will need the accompanying software. This will represent that data in an easy-to-understand dashboard, which makes the management of drivers and vehicles so much easier for the team back at HQ. Companies can opt for a one-time purchase of this software or they could look to use a provider which will take care of upgrades and system maintenance over the course of a contract.

Servicing and Maintenance

The tracking devices are robust but they will need some servicing from time to time. This is less to look into repairs and more to ensure that they are providing accurate information. This will be a very basic plan which will likely include an annual cost and nothing more.

Customer Support

Things can always go wrong with technology and that is why it is worth looking into customer support packages. Should something go wrong at a busy logistics firm, the sooner that the issue is resolved the better, which is exactly what this kind of service will be able to do.

Average Monthly Costs

Broadly speaking the cost per vehicle each month could range from between $14 to $250 depending on the features which the business requires, the services which it uses and the deals which it has been able to find. On average, the reality is that costs come between $25-$45 per month, per vehicle. This is a very small price to pay for the enormous wealth of benefits which fleet tracking systems are able to provide to companies within the logistics landscape.

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