Brid.zzz, the one and only customized sleep care earphone for your good night sleep

Are you aware that around 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders? Short-term insomnia is the most typical kind of sleep problem, as 30% of people are experiencing it, according to the American Sleep Association. Also, according to responses, 10% of people experience chronic insomnia. People with poor sleep quality are more exposed to the risk of getting diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes. Countless road accidents were caused by drowsy driving brought on by lack of sleep. A consultation appointment to treat insomnia often ranges from $150 to $300, but you never know how frequently you need go. Why not try an economical Smart Sleep Care Gadget to improve your sleep quality? Brid.zzz, an innovative sleep care gadget, will change your daily life.

Real time tracking with built-in EEG Sensor

A team of former LG hardware and software developers, who were also pioneers in the creation of new technologies and experts in mobile devices, created Brid.zzz. While most smartwatches estimate sleep levels by motion detection, Brid.zzz is an earphone with an EEG sensor that analyzes brain waves directly from the ear to precisely determine your sleep phase. Electroencephalogram, or EEG, is a test that uses tiny, metal discs placed to the scalp to assess electrical activity in the brain. For an EEG test, you used to need to go to the hospital, but not anymore. Using its own EEG sensor, Brid.zzz will analyse and examine your sleeping habits.

How does Brid.zzz improve the sleep quality?

Brid.zzz automatically plays the most appropriate audio based on the stage of sleep you’re at. While you’re awake, sleep-inducing music is played to gently guide your brain into a “light sleep” phase. After you’ve fallen asleep, Brid.zzz automatically takes you through each stage of sleep by playing audio tracks that are most suitable for that stage. If you set an alarm, Brid.zzz will monitor your sleep stage 30 minutes before you wake up. When you return to a light sleep phase, Brid.zzz will gradually raise the volume level to help you wake up feeling much better than before. Brid.zzz’s library of more than 50 carefully chosen audio files includes basic ASMR recordings in addition to using tested techniques like binaural beat and solfeggio frequency. You may also listen to your favorite music to help you fall asleep. Use Brid.zzz to apply sleep inducing technology to your favorite songs. Sleeping with in-ear earphones has the disadvantage of making your ears itchy because the temperature and humidity inside your ears increase when you wear in-ear earphones. To enhance ear ventilation, Brid.zzz was designed as an open-design earphone. You may utilize Brid.zzz to your greatest comfort regardless of your sleeping position, whether on your side, back, or stomach.

Brid.zzz utilizes big data to derive the sleep algorithm

After using Brid.zzz for at least 30 days, it will begin to analyze your sleeping patterns. Using big data and machine learning, Brid.zzz will then calculate the optimal sleeping pattern for your body and lifestyle, and it will provide the best tracks to guide you through the right phases of sleep each night. By comparing 1-channel EEG readings with sleep induction algorithms on 150 normal participants, sleep pattern accuracy of more than 80% was conducted. By analyzing the correlation between sleep-inducing audio tracks and their effectiveness on the user’s sleep quality, Brid.zzz determines the best music tracks for you and provides sleeping advise.

Official participant in CES 2023

CES 2023, the show for cutting-edge technologies and world technology trends, will be held soon from 5th of January 2023 to 8th of January 2023. Brid.zzz is participating in CES 2023 as a pioneer in sleep technology. If you want to experience the future of sleeping gadget, why don’t you visit CES 2023 and try Brid.zzz, which will lead the sleep technology?