The Ultimate User-friendly 3D Printer – LUGO G3 – Available Now on Kickstarter

LUGO G3, the new 3D printer that takes an innovative approach to convenient multi-material printing, launched on Kickstarter this March.

Have you ever wanted to print with multiple materials, but gave up because of dual calibration? Maybe you saw how much filament and time was being wasted by your printer, and decided it just wasn’t worth it. LUGO G3 solves all of these issues with its user-friendly approach to multi-material printing.

One key competitiveness of LUGO G3 is its use of a purge box. 3D printer users are all too familiar with the inconveniences of purge towers – they consume far too much time and filament, and can even fall over if not built sturdy enough. LUGO 3D uses a purge box instead, so you’re only getting tiny purge pellets instead of a huge tower. And each purge pellet is a mere 3mm in size! It’s clear to see how purge pellets are far superior to the tower, and just how much filament this saves you!

Lutan – LUGO G3’s exclusive filament – is also generating buzz in the 3D printer industry. This PBT co-polymer FFF material is well-rounded, and has none of the issues of the filaments you may be used to. With outstanding heat, water, and chemical resistance, plus minimal shrinkage and outstanding adhesion, Lutan is a natural fit for LUGO G3’s multi-material and dual printing features.

LUGO G3 also has the Fila-box, which continuously blows dry air into the printer, preventing ambient humidity from affecting your print. If you’ve ever printed in humid conditions, you know just how much a difference dry filament and wet filament can make in your print. The Fila-box is here to make humidity less a factor, and increase your print consistency. With Lugo G3’s Fila-box, there’s no more interference from ambient conditions.

LUGO G3 even boasts a user-friendly design. For instance, the chamber is completely sealed for your safety and your print’s quality. Maintenance is also a cinch with LUGO G3, with modularized parts making you pay less on maintaining your printer. Plus, all of the printing action takes place at the front of the printer, so you can see everything going on with your print at all times. And did we mention LUGO’s Cura software? It makes settings configuration a no-brainer.

LUGO G3 is available on Kickstarter, where backers of the campaign can get this user-friendly printer at a discounted offer.