Reputation management consultant reviews How Blogging Has Changed Over the Years

Reputation management consultant reviews blogs. The ideas of sharing your daily activities from a journal online formed the blogs of old. Writing on a topic in a funny and informative way blogs gained a lot of interaction and comment from like-minded people who enjoyed the sharing of what it was really like to be a new mother or how best to photograph the moon.

The world of blogging has developed incredibly, and it has actually become a way to advertise your business, but a blog will still have the essence of a story at heart, with the aim of engaging you and also giving you chance to ask questions.

In the mid-nineties when blogs began they were a way for people to showcase their day and its activities, they usually had a main theme or purpose and related to something specific about the individual, but not so specific that people wouldn’t be able to relate to it. The ability to relate to the blog was also important and this is why they usually contained a message board so that people could leave comments or talk about their similar experiences.

With the birth of webrings, online bloggers were brought together into their own blogging community. Advancements in technology then brought about the effect of linking articles and the connection of people was the beginning of the reason why blogging has become so important as an SEO and an advertising tool as well as a way for people to express their opinions on many topics from supermarkets to politics.

The beginning of the noughties saw the rise of blogs as informative new articles and ways to express opinion. Almost like small new reports. Bloggers created their own forums and discussed many topics. They reacted to scandals, political issues and other developments in modern society. The comments would encourage responses and sometimes heated discussions, but people were enjoying getting their say. Blogs made their statement in this time, that they were a modern media that wasn’t to be ignored.

Throughout the last decade blogs continued to grow as a way for similarly minded people to grow and comment together, from topics such as sports, entertainment, politics, technology and so on. Your very own online community could be created and many of those began to crop up.

Then when social media began to take hold, with sites such as Twitter and Facebook then this took the activity away from blogs and blogging communities. Facebook and such gave the user the ability to have opinions on anything and to post them, for the entire world to see, blogging became slightly more redundant and clunky compared to the fast-paced nature of social media. Now everyone could be the author not just a select few and it was much quicker and easier to do so.

There is however still a place for blogs and one area where they do have their place is forming part of the SEO for reputation management. Talking about your company and fun parts of your work for example is a great way to engage your target business audience.