The World’s first mental health caring earphones, Healingfit

Modern people’s brains are quickly worn out and stressed out because they work too much and spend too much time on electronic devices like smartphones.

If the tension on the brain is not sufficiently relieved, the quality of sleep, which has a big impact on daily activity, may decline. Memory and focus issues, as well as anxiety and depression, may also be present. Managing mental stress has become essential for maintaining a high quality of life for modern people.

Are you suffering from stress? Losing focus, feeling nervousness, and having trouble sleeping? Here’s the ideal solution for you. The world’s first mental health caring bone conduction earphones for healthier life, Healingfit.

Solution for your physical and mental illness, endorphin

Did you know that a lack of the hormone known as endorphins is related to the majority of physical and mental diseases? Chemicals called endorphins enhance emotions of wellbeing by reducing pain perception. Transcranial electrical stimulation (TES) and therapy music are utilized by Healingfit to activate endorphins. In order to activate endorphins, Healingfit stimulates the surface of the brain with micro electric stimulation and acoustic wave. Endorphin activation results in positive effects for the brain. Examples include the following: antidepressant effect, anti-stress effect, better sleep quality, refreshing mood, and increasing user productivity at work/study. When you struggle to fall asleep, want to improve the quality of your sleep, need to relax from stress, want to improve your concentration and memory, or just want to feel less anxious, you can use Healingfit. Given that Healingfit is a brain-stimulating device, it may sound risky. However, don’t worry. Healingfit is registered on FDA. Its reliability and safety were proven by FDA.

TES and therapy music will help you to sleep well, relax and work/study

Sleep mode, healing mode, and study mode are the three operating modes for Healing Fit. Brain waves are stimulated by sound wave energy and TES brain stimulation in accordance with each mode. While the sleep mode can help with a good night’s sleep, the healing mode balances your mind and body and encourages a peaceful state of mind. If you choose study mode, it could help you learn and work more effectively by improving your concentration.

Use as high-quality earbuds. Safe, comfortable and water-resistance earbuds, Healingfit

Since Healing Fit is a bone conduction earphone and does not harm the ear or eardrum, users of hearing aids can also use the product without worrying about their hearing being damaged. Additionally, it supports Bluetooth 5.0 of the most recent requirements, allowing you to connect to electronic devices such tablets, laptops, and cell phones and easily enjoy music. Since sweat won’t soak into the product, it is convenient to use even when exercising thanks to its water-resistance feature. Additionally, it provides the most comfortable fit for the human body, making it possible for anyone to wear it comfortably, regardless of age or gender.

Meet Healingfit on Kickstarter now

Visiting a psychiatrist for a sleep disorder, stress relief, attention deficit will charge you a fortune. Since Healingfit is affordable and can use it anytime and anywhere, its price is very reasonable too. Also, it is now on the special discount and is only available on Kickstarter. If you want to know more about Healingfit, visit Kickstarter now.