Problems with existing batteries when it comes to vehicle initiation

Have you ever experienced a battery outage while trying to start your car? It is the responsibility that everyone must check if the batteries are out before driving a car. Fundamental problems with current batteries are that these batteries are vulnerable to the environment especially when it’s cold. This kind of bad environment will result in worse starting performance at low temperatures. The lower the temperature of the vehicle, the higher the initiation performance required to start the engine. There are also socio-economic problems. The limited emergency service capacity will explain these. The lack of emergency calls due to battery problems continued to raise the accident rate by 35%. The coverage of emergency dispatch service for the registered vehicles is sometimes partially applied and limited to specific areas. Another important to notice is that there are no insurance services in countries other than some developed countries The larger geographical areas will make the services difficult except for some big cities.

Revenant B’s power regeneration technology enables self-starting of the vehicle in up to 5 minutes

This is a technology that does not require an external energy source to regenerate dead batteries. This does not require any other portable battery equipment and the vehicle can be started in an outage situation without any preparation. Applying the AI-based active rehabilitation system, this technology will optimize battery performance and prevent outages. What’s interesting is that the algorithm will be applied according to battery conditions and ambient temperature. Maintaining the optimal battery performance in case of sudden weather changes and preventing outage accidents by maintaining a high start-up performance.

Smart Regenerative Start System

In the case of vehicles that use internal combustion engines, the engine initiation system will be applied to have the smart regenerative start system working. In case of the electric vehicles, the low voltage (12V) system will be applied to get the regenerative process to work. Smart Regenerative Start batteries can be observed by the mobile application delivering and receiving information about the battery. This enables drivers to efficiently control their batteries with the active power control system.

Environmental features of Revenant B

This battery can be applied to various industrial sectors that require electric power such as general vehicles, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, the marine industry, yachts, locomotives, and electric vehicles. Right now, the technology that Revenant B possesses is very innovative and progressive. This will increase the lifespan longer than the usual existing batteries, eventually reducing the overall amount of CO2 generated.