5 Tips to Improve Website Conversion Rate

It is all well and good investing money in social media and PPC ads to bring people to your site. But the critical point is the customer’s experience once they get to the website. Of course website traffic is nice, and you may even be able to make a little money from it, but the real money comes from those who convert. This is the most important area for your website development team to focus on.

As a business, you should be hyper focused on how you can design and set up your site, to hold the customer’s hand and guide them to make a purchase/convert. If you have a low conversion rate then you are right to be frustrated, and here are some ways in which you can increase it.

Go After Abandoned Carts

The amount of lost revenue which you will see from abandoned carts is incredible, and it is important that you don’t lose them easily. Don’t make the assumption that the customer changed their mind, make the assumption that they were distracted. Using email marketing you can call these customers back to finish their shop, and perhaps even offer a small discount to do so. This will help to increase your conversion rate.

Smart Landing Pages

So many companies get their landing pages wrong, and that instantly puts customers off. For example, if an individual has clicked on an ad for a pretty dress and the link takes them to a page of children’s clothing, they are not going to want to dig through menus to get what they saw. Whatever the ad says, that is where the link should take them.

Make It Easy

In so many cases businesses make it hard to purchase an item from them, which of course makes zero sense. The only information which you should be asking for from your customer is their email address. If you want more information about the customer then you can propose that they fill out a form after the sale, for an incentive such as a free gift. Information is nice, but at this stage the sale is more important. Take their email address, add a simple payment widget, close the deal and move on.

Offer Simple Information

We often overcomplicate the information about our products and that is something which also puts customers off very quickly. If you are selling a high priced item then sure, add all of the specifications that you can think of. But if this is not the case, keep it simple and to the point. For instance, if you’re buying a chair then surely you’d want to know dimensions, flexibility and materials, not the rigorous ergonomic tests which it has been through.

Offer Proof

Customers want their curiosity validated and that is why you should use reviews, social proof and even case studies about the product. These should not be in-their-face, but an option should they want it. If there is nothing to back up the product, customers are likely to look elsewhere.

Follow these 5 steps to seriously increase your conversion rate. Alternatively talk to a professional web development agency to ensure the best possible website is created.